On June 10th, 2016 I launched Volume #2 in the “God’s Rambling Ragamuffin” series of e-books! “Winston Peale – Televangelist In Disgrace…” is now available on Amazon Kindle for the modest price of only $2.99. It is the tale of a man who once had it all, a man anointed by God to carry the Gospel to millions daily via television. Winston grew from a simple country preacher to head of Winston Peale Ministries International in just a matter of a few years…and unfortunately, the $$$ and fame was too much.

As our story opens, we find that Winston had been convicted on several counts of fraud, embezzlement and a whole shopping list of federal charges. His wife had divorced him, he had served his prison sentence and settled in his old hometown of Rockville, Indiana. The problem is he was now the town drunk headed down a path of self-destruction!

That’s when the Holy Spirit stepped in and arranged a drunk tank encounter with Paul J Brennan, God’s Rambling Ragamuffin!

“God’s Rambling Ragamuffin – Winston Peale – Televangelist In Disgrace…” now available on Amazon Kindle. Grab your copy today! Oh, and if you like it or my first book PLEASE leave a little review on Kindle. It is greatly¬†appreciated!