God’s Rambling Ragamuffin – Volume #1 AND Volume #2 are READY!!

First and foremost I must apologize…I have been extremely slack in my blogging duties. I intend to make up for that starting TODAY! So, here’s the latest news:

“God’s Rambling Ragamuffin – The Story Begins…” was published to Amazon Kindle on or about April 6th! That’s right…I launched my very first e-book and let me tell you it was exciting! It’s a small book and nicely priced at only $2.99, so please grab a copy as soon as possible. Here’s the link to it: http://amzn.tol1rbGnY8 .

“The Story Begins…” is the origin story of the central character of the “God’s Rambling Ragamuffin” series, Paul J Brennan. It is basically a modern retelling of the Prodigal Son parable but with some interesting twists added! I think you’ll enjoy it.

“God’s Rambling Ragamuffin – Volume #2 – Winston Peale – Televangelist In Disgrace” …is ready to launch!! We expect it to hit Amazon Kindle by the second week of June. It too will be conveniently priced at only $2.99. I’ll get the link as soon as we have it.


“God’s Rambling Ragamuffin – Volume #3 – Nancy Collins – Single Mother In Need” is nearly ready to go to the editors! I haven’t commissioned the cover art just yet, but Lord willing we should be able to launch Volume #3 by July 4th!

How’s that for catching up on the publishing news?

Before I go, I want to give a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to “Rosada7” from Fiverr.com. This wonderfully talented woman has edited and converted every volume and description to Amazon appropriate HTML for me. She is a true professional…with very reasonable rates. Thank you Rosada!!