Warmest Christian Greetings! My name is Jimm Crouse and I am the author of the “God’s Rambling Ragamuffin” series of books. The first book in the series, “The Story Begins…”, introduces readers to the main character of my stories, Paul J Brennan aka God’s Rambling Ragamuffin. It is scheduled to be published on Kindle in April 2016 with more volumes soon to come!

This series of books deals with the “spiritual encounters” that Paul J Brennan has as he travels across America guided by the Holy Spirit. If you enjoyed the “Touched By An Angel”, “Highway To Heaven” or “Glory Road” TV series you will enjoy the “God’s Rambling Ragamuffin” series.

As the encounters progress, we may find Paul undercover in a small town drunk tank with a fallen televangelist or in a desert bus stop with a soldier returning home from Afghanistan or even defending his faith on a shock-jock TV show. You never know where God may lead him or who he may encounter! As his mentor taught him: “No one crosses our path accidentally. God always has a hand in bringing the right people together at the right time.”

This blog is dedicated to my readers, and if you haven’t guessed, my writing has been heavily influenced by “The Ragamuffin Gospel” and other writings of the late Brennan Manning. If you have not read “The Ragamuffin Gospel”, I strongly encourage you to do so. It changed my life.

So, thank you for stopping by. I’d love to hear from you!