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“God’s Rambling Ragamuffin…Nancy Collins – Single Mother In Crisis” now available!

I am happy to announce that the 3rd book in my “God’s Rambling Ragamuffin” series is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon Kindle!

This is another “Paul J Brennan Holy Spirt Encounter”.

In this volume, we meet Nancy Collins, a homeless single mother seeking refuge from a storm in a 24-hour laundromat with two young daughters. Paul J Brennan, God’s Rambling Ragamuffin,  discovers Nancy when he too seeks refuge and a place to dry his rain-soaked clothing. Paul soon realizes he has almost met his match in this feisty woman who has been used and abused by people claiming to be Christians.

“Nancy Collins – Single Mother In Crisis” is a quick read, and I hope it can be an inspiration to my readers.

Here’s what one reader commented when asked what she liked about the book:

“…made me think of how God takes us out of our darkness and brings us to light. Amazing!” – Vene Bartlet

Check it out and after you have read it, I would greatly appreciate it if you would  leave a review on Amazon Kindle.


If you are new to the “God’s Rambling Ragamuffin” series…you will enjoy the first two volumes also available on Amazon Kindle:

“The Story Begins…”

“Winston Peale -Televangelist In Disgrace…”

It’s FREE!!

For a limited time…to introduce the launch of my latest book “God’s Rambling Ragamuffin – Winston Peale – Televangelist In Disgrace”…I am offering my first book “God’s Rambling Ragamuffin – The Story Begins…” absolutely FREE!!

That’s right, my ragamuffin friends…from 6/11 through 6/15 you and/or a friend can pick up a copy of “The Story Begins…” on Amazon Kindle for FREE!!

All I ask is that if you enjoy the book, please leave me a little review on Kindle. Reviews mean so much!! Thanks again for all your support and God Bless!!



The Latest Publishing News!!

On June 10th, 2016 I launched Volume #2 in the “God’s Rambling Ragamuffin” series of e-books! “Winston Peale – Televangelist In Disgrace…” is now available on Amazon Kindle for the modest price of only $2.99. It is the tale of a man who once had it all, a man anointed by God to carry the Gospel to millions daily via television. Winston grew from a simple country preacher to head of Winston Peale Ministries International in just a matter of a few years…and unfortunately, the $$$ and fame was too much.

As our story opens, we find that Winston had been convicted on several counts of fraud, embezzlement and a whole shopping list of federal charges. His wife had divorced him, he had served his prison sentence and settled in his old hometown of Rockville, Indiana. The problem is he was now the town drunk headed down a path of self-destruction!

That’s when the Holy Spirit stepped in and arranged a drunk tank encounter with Paul J Brennan, God’s Rambling Ragamuffin!

“God’s Rambling Ragamuffin – Winston Peale – Televangelist In Disgrace…” now available on Amazon Kindle. Grab your copy today! Oh, and if you like it or my first book PLEASE leave a little review on Kindle. It is greatly appreciated!



Publishing News!!

God’s Rambling Ragamuffin – Volume #1 AND Volume #2 are READY!!

First and foremost I must apologize…I have been extremely slack in my blogging duties. I intend to make up for that starting TODAY! So, here’s the latest news:

“God’s Rambling Ragamuffin – The Story Begins…” was published to Amazon Kindle on or about April 6th! That’s right…I launched my very first e-book and let me tell you it was exciting! It’s a small book and nicely priced at only $2.99, so please grab a copy as soon as possible. Here’s the link to it: http://amzn.tol1rbGnY8 .

“The Story Begins…” is the origin story of the central character of the “God’s Rambling Ragamuffin” series, Paul J Brennan. It is basically a modern retelling of the Prodigal Son parable but with some interesting twists added! I think you’ll enjoy it.

“God’s Rambling Ragamuffin – Volume #2 – Winston Peale – Televangelist In Disgrace” …is ready to launch!! We expect it to hit Amazon Kindle by the second week of June. It too will be conveniently priced at only $2.99. I’ll get the link as soon as we have it.


“God’s Rambling Ragamuffin – Volume #3 – Nancy Collins – Single Mother In Need” is nearly ready to go to the editors! I haven’t commissioned the cover art just yet, but Lord willing we should be able to launch Volume #3 by July 4th!

How’s that for catching up on the publishing news?

Before I go, I want to give a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to “Rosada7” from Fiverr.com. This wonderfully talented woman has edited and converted every volume and description to Amazon appropriate HTML for me. She is a true professional…with very reasonable rates. Thank you Rosada!! 

Hello and Welcome to Jimm’s Ragamuffin Ramblings!

Warmest Christian Greetings! My name is Jimm Crouse and I am the author of the “God’s Rambling Ragamuffin” series of books. The first book in the series, “The Story Begins…”, introduces readers to the main character of my stories, Paul J Brennan aka God’s Rambling Ragamuffin. It is scheduled to be published on Kindle in April 2016 with more volumes soon to come!

This series of books deals with the “spiritual encounters” that Paul J Brennan has as he travels across America guided by the Holy Spirit. If you enjoyed the “Touched By An Angel”, “Highway To Heaven” or “Glory Road” TV series you will enjoy the “God’s Rambling Ragamuffin” series.

As the encounters progress, we may find Paul undercover in a small town drunk tank with a fallen televangelist or in a desert bus stop with a soldier returning home from Afghanistan or even defending his faith on a shock-jock TV show. You never know where God may lead him or who he may encounter! As his mentor taught him: “No one crosses our path accidentally. God always has a hand in bringing the right people together at the right time.”

This blog is dedicated to my readers, and if you haven’t guessed, my writing has been heavily influenced by “The Ragamuffin Gospel” and other writings of the late Brennan Manning. If you have not read “The Ragamuffin Gospel”, I strongly encourage you to do so. It changed my life.

So, thank you for stopping by. I’d love to hear from you!